Time Flies and You Are Here

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Zhao Xiao Qian (Joseph Zeng) is the Prince of the Julu, a small administrative area in Wu Jiang. His destiny has already been mapped out for him: He is expected to rule his father’s territories when he comes of age – a menial and insignificant life that he dreams of escaping. In fact, he dreams of becoming a swashbuckling military general who can rise up to defend his country against invaders and score formidable battlefield victories. But strange circumstances force him to marry Xie Jiang Er (Liang Jie), the daughter of an influential family. Zhao Xiao Qian thinks nothing of this marriage – he is intent on furthering his education at a prestigious academy. But when he begins his studies, he is shocked to find that Xie Jiang Er has also enrolled. Thinking that women have no place in an academy, he tries to convince her to leave, but Xie Jiang Er will not be deterred so easily. She is outspoken and determined, believing that she has as much right to an education as any man. With her steely resolve, she throws herself into her studies, while Zhao Xiao Qian dedicates himself to martial learning. They continue to bicker as he pressures Xie Jiang Er to quit. However, the duo slowly begin to understand that they actually work much better as a team than rivals – but is romance also in the cards for this odd couple? “Time Flies and You Are Here” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Sun Kai Kai.