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17.3 About Love
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17.3 About Love


Three high school girls, aged 17 and with varying levels of romantic experience, try to discover who they really are, and explore their sexuality – in the knowledge that the average age when girls have their first sexual encounter is 17.3. Sakura (Nagase Riko) is serious, but is still curious about exploring her sensual side. But she is often misunderstood, and her efforts to discover more about sex sometimes backfire. Her two best friends are polar opposites: Tsugumi (Tanabe Ririka) is not interested in dating and feels quite indifferent about all things romance-related. Yuna (Shiori Akita), meanwhile, has been in relationships before and is currently dating an older man she met via a dating app who works in an office job. But their lives soon get complicated: Sakura falls out with her boyfriend and starts to develop feelings for a biology whizz who has little experience dating girls. Tsugumi has mixed feelings when a childhood friend suddenly confesses their feelings for her. And Yuna discovers that her relationship could have left her with some very unwelcome consequences... “17.3 About Love” is a 2020 Japanese drama series that was directed by Kanai Hiro.