Three Star Bar in Nishi Ogikubo

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Amamiya (Keita Machida), Nakauchi (Kisetsu Fujiwara), and Kobayashi (Morisaki Win) were once high school classmates. The former was class president and an honors student, Nakauchi was quiet and reserved with a penchant for cooking, and Kobayashi was a womanizing charmer. Ten years after they graduated, fate reunites them: Nakauchi has gone on to become a budding chef, but after he loses his sense of taste, he has quit his job. He runs into Amamiya, who is working as a bartender in a quiet establishment called the Three Star Bar in Tokyo’s Nishi Ogikubo District. The bar has been left to Kobayashi, who became an overnight sensation as a writer with his debut novel, but has been in a funk ever since. Kobayashi’s grandfather, the bar’s previous owner, left the bar to his grandson, who has agreed to keep the place running until he and Amamiya all of the canned food that was left stocked in the pantry. He and Kobayashi convince Nakauchi to join them as their canned food “chef.” Together, they end up making a pretty formidable team: With the always accommodating Amamiya ready to lift the mood with a cocktail, the barfly-like Kobayashi on hand with sage words of advice, and Nakauchi cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the place becomes a hit with appreciative customers. The clients come here with problems, but usually leave with them solved, thanks to these remarkable men...but what will happen when the canned food begins to run out? “Three Star Bar in Nishi Ogikubo” is a 2021 Japanese drama series that was directed by Murao Yoshiaki.