Love Crossed

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Jiang Ke Le (Dai Lu Wa) is having a terrible day: It’s New Year’s Eve, but her father, who is away on business calls her to say he won’t be back for another two to three months. Then her impatient boss fires her for being five minutes late for work. And finally, her boyfriend – who she has just bought an expensive computer for – cruelly dumps her. Despondent, she can’t help thinking about a chance encounter she had before all the troubles started – when a salesman showed her a pair of VR glasses that allow their wearers to enter an incredible IT-powered world. That world is populated by the Love Boys, a group of four seemingly perfect men, only visible to people wearing the glasses. When she receives a pair of Love Boys glasses as an unexpected gift, and tries them on. In the world she is transported to, she meets the dreamy Lu Xiao (He Luo Luo), who takes her on a tour of a dream world where everything is perfect. She is enamored by this VR world, and starts to spend more and more time in it. But while she is doing so, she begins to understand that the company that operates the Love Boys “game” is keeping a dark secret related to Lu Xiao and his groupmates. Can she get to the bottom of this mystery, and bring her affections for Lu Xiao into the real world? “Love Crossed” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Yu Zhong Zhong and Wu Jian Xin.