Love is True

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As a strong, independent, hard-working woman, Xiao Yan (Liu Tao) has never backed down from a challenge in her life. Determined to become a senior-ranking executive of Xiya Group, Xiao Yan hopes to create and launch an all-new domestic makeup brand. But the higher-ups at Xiya have other plans for Xiao Yan. Recognizing her talent, Xiao Yan is appointed to the much more lucrative “mother and child” sector of the company. As one who strictly adheres to the DINK (dual income, no kids) philosophy of life, this new appointment presents a whole new set of challenges for Xiao Yan. Completely unfamiliar with the world of motherhood, Xiao Yan turns to her best friend, You Ya (Li Nian) for help. A full-time mother, You Ya is a fount of knowledge and inspiration. More than happy to help her friend, You Ya invites Xiao Yan into her world, showing her what it really means to be a mother. As the two friends spend an increasing amount of time together, Xiao Yan comes to understand the depths of a mother’s love, while You Ya begins to understand that even as a mother, she has a voice that deserves to be heard. As Xiao Yan pours herself into her work, her rival, Chen Jiao Rui (Wang Yuan Ke) works on a project of her own but because of her pregnancy, is forced to back out. Now a new mother, struggling to find a balance between work and family, Jiao Rui finds that it is Xiao Yan who provides her with the confidence she so desperately needs. Inspired by both You Ya and Jiao Rui, Xiao Yan begins to see the world from a different point of view. With a new dream growing between them, Xioa Yan, You Ya, and Jiao Rui come together in a whole new way, supporting each other at every turn, as they endeavor to create a better future for all. Full of strong women and incredible friendships, “Love is True” is a 2021 family life drama directed by Lu Xing.