The Flaming Heart

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Huo Yan (Gong Jun) is a steel-willed, determined firefighter whose outstanding bravery, strength, and resolve has led him from the Civil Defence Academy to rising star status in the fire and rescue service. Within just a few years, he has risen to become the vice-captain of his unit. But as he is married to his job, he has never spared a thought for romance – and has never even liked a woman. But all that changes on the fateful day his team is forced to call on the help of a group of medics from the Emergency Department. Among their number is an equally devoted, but bubbly young female doctor named Yan Lan (Zhang Hui Wen). When the duo are forced to team up to save the life of a woman trapped in the debris of a traffic accident, they become drawn to one another. Soon, a range of other incidents, including a raging inferno in an apartment complex, forces Huo Yan’s fire unit to work together more closely with Yan Lan’s medical professionals. Soon, the teams – and their star members Huo Yan and Yan Lan – are forced to spend more time together. Huo Yan quickly realizes he is falling for Yan Lan, although he is not sure how he should proceed about this. And in the meantime, some of his coworkers also begin to fall for Emergency Department medics. Can this love-struck duo continue to help save lives? And will their romance ever have time to fully bloom? “The Flaming Heart” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Zhang Li Chuan.