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A group of Seoul-based high school friends enters their senior year – aware that they have just months to go before their key university entrance examination, a test that will determine their future lives and careers. Kim Ha Na (Lee Na Eun) is undecided about her future, Yeo Bo Ram (Kim Soo Hyun) is not overly enthralled by the idea of going to university at all, while Do Ha Na (Shin Ye Eun) is facing the very real prospect of having to repeat a year of school – or go to university outside the capital. Meanwhile, Cha Gi Hun (Ryu Eui Hyun) harbors secret dreams of becoming a pop star. But university is not the only thing on these high schoolers’ minds: Romance is never far away, and Ha Min (Kim Dong Hee) is still smarting after being rejected by Kim Ha Na, who says she wants to put her studies before her love life. But when rumors about Kim Ha Na cheating at a test in the year prior start to spread and fights break out in the cafeteria, the friends start to realize that this year certainly isn’t going to be uneventful! “A-TEEN2” is a 2019 South Korean drama series that was directed by Han Soo Ji.