Ending Again

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While working as a marketing intern at the Levan Art Museum, Cha In Young (Jo Soo Min) may not be living the dream life, but she’s certainly on her way to making her long-term dreams come true. At least that was what she thought until Yoo Chan Hee (Kang Hee), her boyfriend of eight years, suddenly announced that he was going abroad to pursue his own dreams and then proceeded to dump her. Now on her own, In Young has decided to swear off men and marriage and focus solely on herself and her career.  Unfortunately, picking up the pieces of your broken life isn’t easy, especially not once you realize you’ve been trapped in a shady real estate scam. Now faced with the possibility of losing her home, In Young has no idea what it is she’s going to do next. At the end of her rope, In Young is willing to take drastic measures, in order to keep her home which is why she agrees to fake a relationship with one of her college juniors, Do Yoon Soo (Kim Geon Won). An art management major who has only recently returned to classes, Yoon Soo has a complicated relationship with his sunbae. But when they both find themselves in need of financial support, he agrees to “marry” In Young to receive the government aid available to newlyweds. While a fake marriage may seem like an easy way to get what they want, it doesn’t take long for both In Young and Yoon Soo to realize this scam is going to be a lot more difficult to pull off than they originally imagined; especially once Chan Hee returns from abroad. Will these “newlyweds” be able to maintain their ruse or will their unruly hearts ruin everything? Based on the web comic of the same name by Tari, “Ending Again” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Park Dan Hee.