Pop Out Boy!



Like so many other girls her age, Han Sun Nyeo (Kim Do Yeon) spends her days attending school, hanging out with friends, reading comics, and dreaming of her first love. Really, the only thing that sets Sun Nyeo apart from every other teenage girl in the world is the fact that she holds an uncanny resemblance to the heroine of a romance comic that was popular more than a decade ago. Having never paid much attention to the resemblance between herself and her comic book counterpart; Sun Nyeo’s thoughts on the subject take a drastic turn the day she comes face-to-face with the comic’s dashing male protagonist, Chun Nam Wook (Kim Min Kyu). Having literally torn himself out of the pages of the comic book, Nam Wook now finds himself standing face-to-face with Sun Nyeo in the real world. Stunned by the sudden appearance of a comic book character come to life, Sun Nyeo can’t help but wonder how he got here and, more importantly, how is he supposed to go back? While Sun Nyeo tries to find answers to her questions, Nam Wook occupies himself with the singular task of winning Sun Nyeo’s affections. Despite the fact that he is an undeniable heartthrob, every time Nam Wook opens his mouth, he says the cheesiest things. How can he possibly win his leading lady's heart when everything he says seems to make her cringe? Adapted from the webtoon, “Comic Book Boy Girl” by Nimni, “Pop Out Boy!” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Wang Hye Ryung.