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Being forced to live under the constant pressure of her mother’s unrealistic expectations and strict control, Chae Da Hee (Han Sung Min) has spent her entire life miserable. Now as a university freshman, Da Hee hopes to find a freedom she’s never had before. Determined to make a fresh start at school, Da Hee is trying her best to do just that. But trying to be herself while still attempting to live up to everyone else’s expectations of her is proving to be a lot more difficult than she originally imagined. As if dealing with her mother’s overbearing nature wasn’t hard enough, it seems to Da Hee that even her friends are trying to tell her where to go and what to do. Unable to be herself or do what she wants, Da Hee is beginning to feel suffocated by those closest to her. As she struggles to find a way out, she finds a sympathetic soul in her classmate Lee Hyun Jin (Kim Woo Seok). With dreams of becoming a music producer, Hyun Jin is doing everything he can to turn those dreams into reality; but it isn’t easy when he has his own set of family problems to deal with. Connected by a shared pain, Da Hee and Hyun Jin find comfort in each other. But will the outside forces in their lives allow them to draw closer or will they ultimately tear them apart? A story full of hopes and dreams, “TWENTY-TWENTY” is a 2020 school romance drama directed by Han Soo Ji.