Secret Royal Inspector & Joy

Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi, Royal Secret Inspector Joy, Secret Royal Inspector Joy
Secret Royal Inspector & Joy
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Secret Royal Inspector & Joy


Ra Yi Eon (Taecyeon) is a food-loving young man in the Joseon Dynasty era (1392-1910) with a simple dream: He wants to buy a patch of land outside the royal capital and open a dumpling store. But his brilliant mind has got the better of him: He inadvertently performs so outstandingly well at the civil service entrance examination that the Office of Special Advisors takes note. One day, the office approaches him and informs him that he will be appointed as the new secret royal inspector – charged with going undercover to hunt out corruption. His peers would turn green with envy if they knew of his new role, but Ra Yi Eon is more concerned about what’s for lunch…   Fate also throws in another unexpected twist, in the form of a new acquaintance: Kim Joy (Kim Hye Yoon). Three years ago, she married a man who turned out to be an incurable gambler who has never escaped from beneath his mother’s wing. In ultra-conservative Joseon society, divorce was frowned upon, but Kim Joy eschews convention and seeks to end her marriage and seek happiness. She eventually forms an uneasy alliance with the new investigator...but could their relationship deepen?