Fall in Love

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For Mu Wan Qing (Zhang Jing Yi), 1926 would always be remembered as the year that changed her life forever. After the death of her mother, Wang Qing knew the time to return to China had finally come. Bringing her mother’s ashes home to be buried, Wan Qing returned to the land of her birth, with no idea of what awaited her once she arrived. Growing up without a father, Wan Qing returned to China determined to reconnect with the man she barely remembered, in the hopes that while she did so, she might be able to discover the real reason why her parents separated all those years ago. But even more pressing than the mystery surrounding her parents' separation was the unspoken story of how the siblings she never really knew, had lost their lives. As Wan Qing begins to uncover the secrets of the past, she finds her path often crossing with those of Tan Xuan Lin (Chen Xing Xu) and Xu Guang Yao (Lin Yan Jun). One the newly appointed leader of insurgent troops and the other the son of a powerful military commander, they stand on opposite sides of the unrest in Shanghai, but they each take a liking to Wan Qing and agree to use their power and influence to help her on her quest. As they do so, the three begin to develop a strong and lasting friendship; a friendship that is soon put to the ultimate test. Digging deeper into the past, the three friends soon discover that the story of Wan Qing’s family is much more complicated than they could have ever imagined. Working to unravel the mysteries of the past, Wan Qing finds her heart leading her down an unexpected road. Will her journey bring her the answers she seeks or will she find that what she’s been searching for the most has been beside her all along? A story of family, friendship, and fealty, “Fall in Love” is a 2021 historical romance drama directed by Lin Jian Long and Chen Guo Hua.