Jun Jiu Ling

Gwan Gau Ling
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As the daughter of the former crown prince, Chu Jiu Ling’s (Peng Xiao Ran) wedding day should have been a beautiful dream come true. But the dream soon turned into a nightmare after learning that her uncle, the current emperor, was responsible for her father’s death. Determined to have her revenge, Jiu Ling begins to set her plans into motion but is thwarted by her husband, the loyal imperial guard, Lu Yun Qi (Du Ya Fei). Escaping near-death at the hands of her husband, Jiu Ling flees her old life, never to return again. On the brink of death, Jiu Ling is rescued by the skilled physician, Zhang Qing Shan. With his help and tutelage, Jiu Ling begins a new life as a physician, practicing under the name Jun Jiu Ling. Working alongside the Fang family, who took her in after her escape from the imperial city, Jiu Ling helps to unravel the schemes of the emperor that would see their family ruined. Still determined to avenge her father’s death, Jiu Ling returns to the city she once called home. Integrating with the royal families who seek her medical expertise, Jiu Ling works hard to expose the corruption that plagues the political court while simultaneously winning the hearts of the people. As she does so, she finds her path often crossing with three powerful men: the son of a duke, Chen Zhu Zan (Jin Han); the nobleman, Ning Yun Zhao (Wang You Shuo); and her ex-husband, Lu Yun Qi. Just as her quest for justice takes her down an unexpected road, Jiu Ling finds her heart pulling her in three very different and unexpected directions. Will she be able to find the path she’s destined to take when so many obstacles now stand in her way? Adapted from the web novel of the same name, by Xi Xing, “Jun Jiu Ling” is a 2021 historical romance drama directed by Xie Ze.