Love in Flames of War

Good Days and Good Scenery
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In the early part of the 20th Century, the Republic of China is struggling to establish itself, with the Imperial Japanese posing a growing threat to Chinese sovereignty. Against this backdrop, Xiao Bei Chen (Shawn Dou), a hotheaded teenager is growing up fast. He likes to bully a girl who has taken refuge with his family named Lin Hang Jing (Chen Du Ling), but she shows resilience and determination even when he intimidates her – a fact that ultimately leads him to fall for her. The attraction grows, but Xiao Bei Chen discovers that his father wants to send him away to a military academy for several years. Before he leaves, he manages to get a promise from the family that he can marry Lin Hang Jing when he returns. But when, five years later, he comes back, he discovers that she is now promised to another man – Mu Zi Zheng (Yuan Hao). No longer an impetuous bully, Xiao Bei Chen has become a steely, focused young man. But he won’t give up on his plan of winning Lin Hang Jing’s heart. This plan could be thrown into turmoil when the Second Sino-Japanese War breaks out in 1937, however. Suddenly all three are forced to choose a side – and their decisions could shape the destiny of not only their own futures, but also those of thousands of others... “Love in Flames of War” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chung Shu Kai.