A Lifetime Love

Once Promised, Ancient Love Song, Ancient Time's Love Song
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A child of the wilderness, Chi Yun (Huang Xiao Ming) grew up without many worldly possessions but he never saw that as a bad thing. A devout student of the martial arts, Chi Yun had everything he thought he would ever need, until the day he met Xuan Yang Ruo (Victoria Song). Falling in love the moment he first laid eyes on her, Chi Yun wanted nothing more than to make her his own. But without anything to offer her beyond his love, how could she possibly say yes? Despite the obstacles that stood between them, Chi Yun never gave up. Spending years attempting to woo her, Yang Ruo’s feelings for the handsome martial artist eventually began to soften. Finally reciprocating Chi Yun’s feelings Yang Ruo and her lover might have been happy, had Yang Ruo’s older brother not promised her hand in marriage to the powerful nobleman, Lingyun Cheng Lun (Peter Sheng).  Keenly aware that their marriage is merely for political advantage, Cheng Lun agrees to keep his relationship with Yang Ruo platonic, but after spending time with her, his heart begins to yearn for something more. Will Yang Ruo's heart be swayed by her husband or will it remain true to the man who has loved her for years? Adapted from the first two books of the novel series, “The Book of Mountain and Sea” by Tong Hua, “A Lifetime Love” is a 2017 Chinese fantasy romance drama directed by Li Hong Yu.