Tao Lu
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As a celebrity, Gong Li (Ming Dao) has enjoyed a rather fortuitous life. However, a string of bad news has forced him to wonder whether his good fortune has begun to run out. Wondering whether things could get any worse, Gong Li soon learns the answer to that question when he unexpectedly finds himself tied up in a murder case alongside Zhou Yin Yuan (Jiang Kai Tong).  A psychology graduate living under the guise of an astrologer, Yin Yuan shouldn’t have been anyone’s choice for a scapegoat. But when circumstances bring her and Gong Li together at just the wrong time, the unlikely pair find themselves becoming just that. Framed for a murder they didn’t commit, the two must work together to find a way to prove their innocence. Unfortunately, every step they take seems to lead them deeper into what is quickly becoming a truly bizarre mystery.  Desperate to prove their innocence, Gong Li and Yin Yuan agree that they need more than a little professional help. Working out a deal with the police investigating the case, will this unlikely duo find the answers they so desperately seek? A delightfully lighthearted crime caper, “Route” is a 2023 Chinese comedy crime mystery drama directed by Liu Guo Chang.