Love in Black Hole

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Intrigued by the unfathomable worlds that lay beyond the farthest reaches of the galaxy, Shim Eun Ha (Seola) is an astronomy and space science major with an insatiable curiosity and a well-developed imagination. With a mind always open to the infinite possibilities of the universe, Eun Ha is able to see and imagine things that others can’t. Which is why the discovery of a strange spot on the ceiling of her home inspires her to create a rather unique theory. Well acquainted with the science and theories surrounding black holes, Eun Ha is soon convinced the spot on her ceiling is actually a white hole, as instead of pulling objects into it, it tends to push things out. More specifically, the hole begins to deliver notes written by someone who is secretly in love with her. With no idea where the letters are coming from, or who is sending them, Eun Ha is determined to unravel the mystery of this strange hole and immediately begins observing those around her, hoping to find some sort of clue. It doesn’t take long for her to start forming a few theories, though the evidence she’s been collecting iis rather hard to believe.  Narrowing her findings down to two possible solutions, Eun Ha has to wonder if her research isn’t in some way flawed. After all, neither her childhood friend, nor the school’s most popular guy could really be interested in her. Could they? A lighthearted love story, “Love in Black Hole” is a 2021 sci-fi romantic comedy drama directed by Hong Chong Ki.