The Bond

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Thirty years ago, Qiao Zu Wang (Liu Jun) and his wife welcomed their fifth child into the world. But what should have been a time of rejoicing soon turned into a period of overwhelming grief as Zu Wang’s wife slipped quietly from this world. Now left to raise his five children alone, Zu Wang’s true colors were revealed. Selfish and unfeeling, Zu Wang turned all of his focus inward, leaving his children to fend for themselves. Realizing his father would never be the man he ought to be, the eldest son, Yi Cheng (Bai Yu) voluntarily stepped into the role of caretaker. Fully aware of the fact that they were now on their own, the younger Qiao siblings, Er Qiang (Zhang Wan Yi), San Li, (Mao Xiao Tong), Si Mei (Song Zu Er), and Qi Qi (Zhou Yi Ran) came alongside their big brother, willing to do whatever was necessary to keep their family together. Despite overwhelming odds, the Qiao siblings not only survived, but thrived.  Now, more than three decades later, the Qiao siblings are each living their own lives, doing their best to turn their personal dreams into reality. Even as they go their own way, the bonds they formed during childhood remain strong as they continue to support each other through the endless challenges of life. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Wei Xi, “The Bond” is a 2021 family life drama directed by Zhang Kai Zhou.