An Incurable Case of Love



Five years ago, Sakura Nanase (Mone Kamishiraishi) was one of a number of witnesses who watched as a handsome young doctor stepped in at the last minute to save the life of a stranger. Enamored as much by his charm as she was by his professional skill, Sakura could stop herself from immediately falling in love. Determined to find a way to meet this heroic doctor again, Sakura decided rather quickly that the only way to do so would be to go into the medical profession herself. Now, at twenty-two, Sakura is a rookie nurse who has just taken her first position at a local hospital. Working hard at her new job, Sakura is surprised when she learns that the doctor she fell in love with all those years ago is working in the same hospital. But what’s even more surprising is the fact that Doctor Kiari Tendo (Takeru Satoh) is nothing like she imagined him to be. Often referred to as the “Devil” at work, Doctor Tendo is a cold perfectionist who has no qualms about making snide comments and biting remarks to his co-workers. Despite this fact, Sakura works hard to gain Doctor Tendo’s recognition at work and has no problem expressing her feelings about him openly and honestly. Her persistent nature earns her the nickname, “Warrior Chick” at work and, as she refuses to back down, Doctor Tendo can’t help but take notice. Despite his numerous efforts to resist, Doctor Tendo finds his heart softening towards the tenacious nurse, Sakura. Will her dedication to her work and her persistent declarations of love be enough to finally win him over? Adapted from the manga of the same name by Maki Enjoji, “An Incurable Case of Love” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Fuminori Kaneko, Ryosuke Fukuda, and Kenta Tanaka.