Double Tap

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In Beijing, Li Hui Yan (Duan Yi Hong) is a perpetually broke but sharp-witted police detective who lives in squalor with his elementary school-age son. He is forever trying to borrow money from his co-workers. Meanwhile, Zhou You (Dong Cheng Peng) is a funeral parlor worker who is troubled by his unhappy past and is occasionally contracted in to help the police move dead bodies to the morgue. But on one fateful day, he is called out to a house where he discovers the police have been duped by a fake death certificate – spotting that a dead man has actually been murdered. This proves to be true, and Li Hui Yan quizzes Zhou You about it, noticing that the latter is a talented clue-spotter in his own right. When one of his daughter’s school friends is kidnapped by two masked assailants, Li Hui Yan investigates, the trail brings him to a small town in the icy north. But after Zhou You’s father is murdered in mysterious circumstances, Zhou You also hunts for answers – with the murderer fleeing to the very same town… “Double Tap” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chen Zhou Fei.