Hana Kimi
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Mizuki Ashiya (Horikita Maki) is a female high school student and budding runner who has been studying abroad in the United States, but decides to transfer to a school in Osaka, Japan, so she can be near a student she idolizes the high jump athlete Izumi Sano (Oguri Shun). The problem is, the school he attends is an all-boys’ boarding school – meaning that she must disguise herself as a male in order to gain entry. She cuts her hair short and manages to get into the school, even managing to become Izumi Sano’s roommate in his dormitory. But it is not long before people at the school start to learn Mizuki Ashiya’s secret, including her new roommate, who starts to develop feelings for her. Things get complex, however, when other classmates also start to fall for her – and when her brother comes to bring her back to the USA, all sorts of chaos appears ready to break loose! This series was based on the 2004-2008 manga series of the same name, which was authored by Hisaya Nakajo. “Hana-Kimi” is a 2007 Japanese drama series that was directed by Matsuda Hidetomo, Tsuzuki Junichi, and Sato Genta.