The Trust



Born the daughter of a great general, Xu Yu (Cecilia Boey) was practically raised with a sword in her hand. Training from a very young age, Xu Yu has become as adept with a bow as she is with a sword and her skill as a horseman rivals that of most of her father’s men. A skilled warrior, Xu Yu never once entertained the idea of becoming anything else, but when her family finds itself struggling, she has no choice but to comply with their unexpected wishes. In order to save her family, Xu Yu agrees to marry the Emperor, Xiao Jin Yun (Zhang Hao Wei). As different from Xu Yu as night and day, Jin Yun prefers books to battles. Realizing from the very beginning that they will never get along, the newlyweds prefer to spend their days as far from each other as possible. Unfortunately, even with the best laid plans, their paths occasionally cross, forcing them to interact with each other on rare occasions. Though their meetings are few, they’re often memorable, though none more so than the meeting beside the pool that changed both of their lives in an instant. Falling into the pool together, the Emperor and Empress are horrified to discover that they have somehow managed to swap souls.  Now trapped in each other’s bodies, it doesn’t take long for Xu Yu and Jin Yun to realize that neither leads as charmed a life as they each believed. Will living in the other’s shoes allow them to heal the breach between them or only serve to make things worse? Adapted from the manhua, “No Doubt In Us” by Lu Ye Qian He and You Zhi Jiao Zi, “The Trust” is a 2021 historical romantic comedy drama directed by He Zhen Hua.