Assistant of Superstar



Wang Yu Xi (Kele Sun) may be an incredibly handsome and wildly popular superstar but beneath that shining exterior lies a deeply buried secret. While the world believes Yu Xi to be practically perfect in every way, the truth of the matter is that he has never really received a quality education. As such, he spends his days living uncomfortably close to the borders of illiteracy.  While Yu Xi is usually able to hide his shortcomings, there are times when he fails miserably; the most recent being his botched interview for an important role in an upcoming project. With his need for a tutor now glaringly obvious, his company has no choice but to find him one, but the search is proving to be more difficult than anyone originally imagined. Working as a tutor at a local agency, Wei Chi Yao (Lu Yang Yang) has always dreamed of becoming a teacher but the challenges of turning that dream into reality have been difficult to overcome. When asked to take on the role of a superstar’s teacher, Chi Yao can’t seem to find a way to refuse. But having a severe phobia of crowds makes working with Yu Xi incredibly difficult. Despite their differences and difficulties, Chi Yao and Yu Xi find themselves slowly coming to understand each other. But will this newfound respect be enough to get them both out of their current predicaments? Adapted from the novel, “King Assistant” by Zhun Si Jia Qi, “Assistant of Superstar” is a 2022 romantic comedy drama directed by Li Wen Hao.