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Gui (Petch Chanapoom Thenwong) lost his parents when he was still very young and has had to work hard ever since in order to fund his school fees. He is now in the fourth year of his studies at university, where he is majoring in engineering. Although his life has been tough since he was child, he is unfailingly empathetic, friendly, and gentle. He works part-time at a cafe at nighttime where the customers are always greeted with his pleasant smile. One rain-soaked evening, Solo (Nut Supanut Lourhaphanich) comes to the cafe. A freshman student majoring in music, Solo is in many ways the polar opposite of Gui. He comes from a wealthy background, he is popular, and handsome to boot. However, after the sudden death of his mother, he is no longer able to smile. Solo orders some hot milk and is bewitched by Gui’s smile. Solo returns the next day, and Gui finds he is very pleased to see him again. Slowly, a bond forms between them – and romance is on the horizon! “Oxygen” is a 2020 Thai drama series that was directed by Jane Botta.