Growing up in an extraordinarily wealthy family, Mamoru Hyoga (Noriko Eguchi) has never wanted for anything in her entire life. Born and raised with the world at her feet, Mamoru has never had a financial worry in her life but that doesn’t mean she grew up with everything. Having lost both of her parents at a young age, Mamoru grew up without ever knowing the warmth of her parents’ love.  Despite her loss, and the moments of loneliness and sadness that occasionally plague her, Mamoru has done quite well on her own. The CEO of an e-book company, Three Star Books, Mamoru and her business partner and longtime friend, Ryo Ichinose (Shigeyuki Totsugi) have made their company a huge success. Drawn to the success of the company, Yu Haruno (Eiji Akaso) applies for one of Three Stars Books' open internships. Working part-time to support his family as he studies, Yu sees this internship as an opportunity to change his life. Little did he know just how much things would change, the day Mamoru walked into his life. With one never knowing a family’s love and the other never going a day without it, Mamoru and Yu find themselves inexplicably drawn towards each other; but can their stark differences really be what brings them together or will they eventually drive them apart? A timeless tale of opposite attraction, “SUPER RICH” is a 2021 drama directed by Shin Hirano, Hideyuki Aizawa, Toshiyuki Mitsuhashi, and Masakazu Abe.