Marvelous Women

The Matriarch
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As China becomes a major commercial economy, the silk, embroidering, and weaving trade is booming – and a few influential families have risen to the top. The industry’s powerhouse is the Gusu District in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. And arguably the greatest weaving dynasty of them all is the Ren family, which carefully guards the secrets of its weaving prowess. Chinese traditional culture dictates that males are the dominant force in society. As such, the head of the family is nominally Ren Xue Tang (Xu Hai Qiao), a gentle-hearted soul with a love for poetry and philosophy – and no head for business. His wife of some 10 years Shen Cui Xi (Jiang Qin Qin) is the polar opposite. Fiery, opinionated, and fiercely competitive, she keeps the family business firmly on track, with her peerless embroidery skills. But when he tries to close the net on a ring of smugglers, Ren Xue Tang gets into trouble and encounters Zeng Bao Qin (Yang Rong), formerly the love of his life. Following the accident, Zeng Bao Qin finds herself in the Ren family home and face to face with Shen Cui Xi, her bitterest love rival. But hard times are ahead for the family as enemies circle, and it seems that only a partnership between these two women will help them avoid a painful fall from grace. Can they put their rivalry aside to cooperate – or will jealousy and love stand in their way? “Marvelous Women” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Guo Hao and Wang Xiao Ming.