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A down-and-out musician with neither fans nor prospects, Wang Joon Hyuk’s (Oh Jung Se) life has definitely hit rock bottom. Having cut himself off from his older sister, Joon Hee (Jeon Hye Jin), years ago, Joon Hyuk has nowhere to go and no one he can turn to, when things get hard. Yet, when Joon Hee’s life takes a difficult turn of its own, it’s Joon Hyuk that she turns to for help. Having spent the past twelve years in an abusive relationship, Joon Hee has decided enough is enough. Moving into a cheap apartment, Joon Hee is determined to make a new life for herself and her son, Min Ji Hoo (Lee Kyung Hoon), but starting over is nearly impossible, especially when her ex and his family are determined to take Ji Hoo away. With little choice, Joon He sends Ji Hoo to live with Joon Hyuk. Despite having troubles of his own, Joon Hyuk takes his nephew in, only to realize that his nephew is struggling with both anxiety and OCD. Determined to help both his sister and his nephew through this difficult time, Joon Hyuk does what he can. But will his efforts be enough when he can’t even seem to pull his own life together? Based on the BBC sitcom of the same name, “Uncle” is a 2021 drama directed by Ji Yeong Su.