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Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun) is a 17-year-old high schooler who has always been an outsider. She longs for popularity and acceptance, but it has always eluded her. When she transfers to a new high school, she is surprised to see on the transfer list a student (Han Ye Ji) with exactly the same name as her. The two girls decide to meet and realize that their fates are opposite: the “other” Yoo Min Jae has always been a popularity “queen,” but due to an unhappy incident with some of her now former classmates, she wants to retreat from the spotlight and lead a much quieter life. The two girls meet and decide to swap identities so they can both start afresh. The swap initially appears to have gone well. The once-unpopular Yoo Min Jae has been carefully planning her move for some time, carefully studying how to be popular – and successfully infiltrates the “popular group” at school, which includes Shin Yi Joon (Bae Jin Young). He is the most popular student in the whole school, and has a reputation as something of a tough cookie. But as the once-unpopular Yoo Min Jae starts getting to know him, she realizes that he actually has a much more tender personality than she expected. But as the new girls settle into life at their new school, the “other” Yoo Min Jae starts to wonder if her namesake’s motives for the swap are as pure as she suggests… “User Not Found” is a 2021 South Korean drama series that was produced by Sung Do Kyung.