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Best Mistake 3

Best Mistake 3
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Best Mistake 3


A model student in high school, Kim Yeon Doo’s (Lee Eun Jae) world was turned upside down when a desperate attempt to get a boy from her past to leave her alone brought Ji Hyun Joo (Kang Yul) into her life. With a reputation at school for being a bully and an all-around bad boy, Hyun Joo wasn’t exactly an ideal boyfriend, leaving Yeon Doo to wonder if her act of desperation hadn’t actually been a huge mistake. With Hyun Joo now a daily part of her life, Yeon Doo began to realize that this bad boy wasn’t quite what he seemed. Drawing closer together, the two eventually fell in love, but their love was put to the test when baseball prodigy, Choi Seung Hyun (Lee Jung Joon), stepped in to shake things up. Vying for Yeon Doo’s affection, Seung Hyun was certainly a worthy candidate, leaving Hyun Joo to wonder if Yeon Doo wasn’t starting to feel the same.  Working through their high school drama, Yeon Doo and Hyun Joo are now ready to begin a new chapter in their lives as college beckons. With a new set of friends around them, are Yeon Doo and Hyun Joo ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead? Adapted from the mobile dating simulation game, “Best Mistake” by Day7, “Best Mistake 3” is a 2021 romantic comedy drama produced by WHYNOT media.