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I am Solo

I am Solo
I am Solo
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Six men and six women, who desire to get married, are invited to Solo World, which is arranged on an enormous scale. The singles of "I am Solo," who are no celebrities, show off their charms to find their partner and date on this real dating program. An all-time romantic yet shocking love story, way more heart-fluttering than a melodrama that will provoke everyone's passion for love, will be revealed. For hosts, we have the representative of singles, who has come to revive his dead romantic cells, Defconn, Song Hae Na, the model with lovely and easy-going charm, and an excessively-immersing top student who is learning what true romance is through "I am Solo," actor Lee Yi Kyung. Please look forward to how they struggle to find the perfect partners and unpredictable stories full of twists they make. Watch to the end and find out who will become the final couple!