Because of Love

A Chance Meeting
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As a single mother, life for Tan Jing (Li Xiao Ran) is anything but easy. Born with a congenital heart disease, her son Sun Ping is in constant need of medical care, a fact which often puts a strain on their finances. As a hard-working mother who loves her son,Tan Jing lives as frugally as she can in order to cover the cost of her son’s medical care. Never one to complain about her life or how hard it sometimes is, Tan Jing manages to find a way to smile and teaches her son to do likewise. Dedicated to helping children with heart disease, Doctor Nie Yu Sheng (Wallace Chung) has been working diligently to raise funds for a surgery project that will do just that. With funding secured and the project finally ready to launch, Yu Sheng selects Sun Ping as his first patient. Immediately delighted by Sun Ping’s adorable demeanor and sweet sensibility, Yu Sheng is surprised to learn that his mother is none other than Tan Jing. Having once been lovers, Tan Jing and Yu Sheng are both shaken by this serendipitous reunion. Though stirred by memories of the past, Tan Jing and Yu Sheng remain apart, both allowing themselves time to learn and grow as individuals while Sun Ping heals. With all of their lives now seemingly set on a much brighter path, will these long-lost lovers finally have a chance to rekindle that old flame? Adapted from the novel “Loving You is the Best Time” by Fei Wo Si Cun, “Because of Love” is a 2022 Chinese romance drama directed by Liu Jun Jie.