A Week’s Grace

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Completely in love, Park Ga Ram (Kwon Yuri) and Kim Seon Jae (Hyun Woo) were eagerly counting down the days to their wedding. But before either of them could say their vows, tragedy struck. Involved in a horrendous traffic accident, Seon Jae was gravely injured and Ga Ram didn’t survive. Left in a coma, Seon Jae had no way of knowing that he was now fighting for his life alone. Awaking from the accident to find herself in a place unlike any she had ever visited before, Ga Ram is approached by a stranger known only as X. Offering her a chance to save Seon Jae’s life, Ga Ram is eager to accept, but the generous offer comes with a catch. In order to save her beloved’s life, Ga Ram will be granted the chance to relive her last week on Earth, but during that time, she must break up with Seon Jae. Agreeing to the terms of the deal, Ga Ram returns to Seon Jae but soon realizes that breaking things off with him is going to be much more difficult than she could have possibly imagined. Will she be able to find a way to break up with him before it’s too late? A story of life, death, and second chances, “A Week’s Grace” is a 2021 South Korean romance drama directed by Kim Gyoo Hyun.