In Your Heart

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From a young age, Ling Zi Ming (Hu Bo Wen) always felt like he was different. Growing up without his parents, Zi Ming was raised by one of his mother’s sisters, which always seems to make relating to his peers a bit difficult. The same could be said for Cheng Yi (Hu Shi Wen) who, without parents, was raised by his grandmother. Which is probably why the two boys found it so easy to bond. Sharing the struggles of growing up without a traditional family, it didn’t take long for the two boys to become fast friends. As the boys grew, their friendship grew with it, but only to a point. Struggling through those difficult adolescent years, Zi Ming and Cheng Yi’s friendship was put to the test when their mutual friends Lu Xiang Lin (Yu Le Xin) and Yue Yu Zhi (Meng Yue Chen) entered the picture. Jealous of Zi Ming and Cheng Yi’s friendship, Xiang Lin and Yu Zhi were often mean and more than a little vindictive. Struggling to understand their own relationship while simultaneously trying to figure out their relationships with others, Zi Ming and Cheng Yi often find themselves caught up in a tidal wave of conflicting emotions. Some days they love each other and other days they can’t stand each other.  Trying desperately to hold onto a friendship that has gotten them through so much, Zi Ming and Cheng Yi come to find that the harder they try to hold onto each other, the farther apart they seem to drift. Will they ever find a way to save their lifelong relationship? A sweet story of young love and friendship, “In Your Heart” is a 2022 Chinese romance drama directed by Lee Aria.