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Ocean Likes Me

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For as long as he can remember, Han Ba Da (Han Gi Chan) has had only one dream in life: to open his own seaside udon restaurant. Unfortunately, turning that dream into a reality has proven much more difficult than he originally anticipated.  Finding ways to overcome the obstacles that come with building a business from the ground up, Ba Da has turned his dream into a reality, but now finds himself faced with a whole new set of problems. Unable to make any sort of connection with his customers, Ba Da has no idea how he’s going to keep his business afloat. Lucky for him, fate is about to bring him exactly what he needs most and his name is Tommy (HOLLAND). A failed musician with no future and no idea of what to do next, Tommy has only just recently returned to his hometown. With no dreams to drive him, Tommy begins to wander aimlessly through his seemingly pointless life. But his bleak outlook on things takes an unexpected turn after he meets the charming Ba Da. Inspired by Ba Da’s dreams, Tommy comes alongside his new friend in order to help him overcome the obstacles that stand between him and greatness. Working side-by-side, Tommy and Ba Da find themselves drawing closer than ever. But do either of them have the courage to dream of a future together when they’re already working so hard to make their current dreams come true? A sweet little story full of life and love, “Ocean Likes Me” is a 2022 Korean romance drama directed by Lee Su Ji.