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First love, Again

First Love For Three Times
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Three hundred years ago, Yeon Seok (Jin Gun) miraculously managed to find the love of his life, a pretty young lady by the name of Ha Yeon. However, with both bearing a lowly social status, their relationship was doomed before it even began. Devastated by his unfulfilled love, Yeon Seok was determined to find Ha Yeon again in another life. Finding a way to keep his memories in-tact, Yeon Seok sets out to do just and miraculously succeeds. But even after finding Ha Yeon in a second life, the obstacles before them never made it possible for their love to fully bloom. Now in his third life, Yeon Seok refuses to give up on finding Ha Yeon. A popular web novelist, Yeon Seok has come a long way from where he was three hundred years ago, but without Ha Yeon, life just isn’t what it ought to be. Wondering when his love will appear, Yeon Seok is surprised when he meets the editor in charge of his new novel, the handsome and wildly popular social influencer, Ha Yeon (Jeon Chang Ha). Shocked to find that his long-lost love has returned as a man, Yeon Seok wants nothing to do with Ha Yeon. But as the two are forced together by work, things between them slowly begin to change.  Finding himself naturally drawn to Ha Yeon, Yeon Seok is forced to ask himself a very important question: Is he willing to give up on a love that has spanned three centuries or can he accept Ha Yeon no matter what? Adapted from the winning script of the Ascendio BL script-writing contest, “First Love, Again” is a 2022 Korean romantic drama directed by Kang Ho Jung.