Military Prosecutor Doberman



For Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun), becoming a military prosecutor has never been anything more than a means to finding both personal and professional success and wealth. A man capable of succeeding at anything he does, Bae Man has indeed gained both success and wealth but with nothing more to drive him, he lacks the conviction needed to become truly great. Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah), on the other hand, has all of the conviction needed to become a truly great military prosecutor. While some may see her as a rookie who only attained her position through family wealth and connections, she is actually a highly skilled investigator who could easily out-perform veterans more than twice her age. Having grown up wealthy, Woo In has no fear of those in power and as such, isn’t afraid to speak up against those who use their positions for corrupt gain.  Driven by a secret desire for revenge, Woo In soon finds herself teaming up with Bae Man as they share a common desire to weed out the corruption lurking among the ranks of the military. Inspired by Woo In’s passion, Bae Man finds himself wishing to become a better man. But will he have the chance when their pursuit of justice puts them both in danger? A thrilling tale of good versus evil, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” is a 2022 Korean action, crime, mystery drama directed by Jin Chang Gyu.