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Working as both a photographer and editor of one of the nation’s most famous magazines, Lee Sun Woo (Lee Ji Hoon) has managed to convince everyone around him that his life has always been nothing short of perfect. But hidden behind his warm smile and gentle disposition, is a man who has suffered greatly at the hands of others. Having spent the majority of his life attempting to overcome his past, Sun Woo’s driving force is his desperate desire for revenge. But Sun Woo isn’t the only one driven by secret desires. The CEO of a cosmetics company, Han Chae Rin (Han Chae Young) has everything a person could ever desire, yet she is constantly driven by a relentless need to have more. Greedy and ambitious, Chae Rin will stop at nothing to obtain everything her heart desires. While Chae Rin plots her next big move, rising actress Park Da Som (Ji Yi Soo) finds herself so desperate to protect her ailing child that she’s willing to do absolutely anything, if it will bring her success. While Da Som struggles between the demands of motherhood and her career, her husband, Hyun Seung Hoon (Koo Ja Sung) is so frustrated by the harsh realities of their life that he finds himself focused solely on achieving his own dreams of professional success.  Each driven by an unrelenting desire to succeed in one way or another, these four desperate souls begin a search for a sponsor who might help them attain their deepest desires. But if such a sponsor exists, what will be the asking price for making such desirous dreams come true? A story of burning passions and deep desires, “Sponsor” is a 2022 Korean romantic thriller drama directed by Kwak Gi Won.