How to Get a Divorce for the Whole Family!

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Having been raised by a modern, liberal family, Saki M izuguchi (Keiko Kitagawa) grew up believing she could do and be anything she wanted. With that mindset driving her, Saki grew up to become an outstanding editor at a fashion magazine, a job which she absolutely loves. Koichi Obara (Eita Nagayama), on the other hand, grew up in a strict military family. As straight-laced as they come, Koichi grew up to become the ace of the Air Rescue Wing of the Air Self-Defense Force. Despite being polar opposite in every way, Saki and Koichi fall madly in love, immediately after meeting. Convinced they’re destined for a lifetime of marital bliss, Saki and Koichi decide to skip a drawn-out dating period and go straight to the wedding. With a lavish wedding soon behind them, the newlyweds are excited to start their happy life together. But the realities of married life soon have them regretting their decision to marry so quickly. Unable to agree on anything, Koichi and Saki soon tire of their constant bickering and begin to start looking for a way out of their marital misery. Unable to admit to their family and friends that their marriage is an utter failure, Koichi and Saki attempt to divorce in secret. But separating the lives of those brought together by their marriage proves much more difficult than they imagined. Will they find a way to end their misery without hurting those around them? A story of matrimony and mistakes, “How to Get a Divorce for the Whole Family!” is a 2021 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Toshio Tsuboi, Sanae Suzuki, Satoshi Kan, and Sakura Komaki.