Oh My Boss! Love not included

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Born and raised in a small rural town, Nami Suzuki (Mone Kamishiraishi) has lived a very average, ordinary life. With no particular dreams and no real ambition, Nami doesn’t really want much out of life. If she can find moderate amounts of work and love, she’s convinced she’ll be happy.  In order to pursue that moderate love, Nami follows her childhood friend and long-time crush, Kenya (Inukai Atsuhiro) to Tokyo, where she hopes to get a job in the supply management department of the same publishing company where Kenya works. Unfortunately Nami’s plans don’t work out exactly the way she imagined they would. Rather than working in the supply management department, Nami is hired to work in the editorial department of one of the company’s fashion magazines. Not really taking her job seriously, Nami soon earns the scorn of her hard-working editor-in-chief, Reiko Horai (Nanao). Rather than letting Reiko’s criticism get her down, Nami allows it to inspire her to have bigger dreams of her own. With her attitude about work gradually changing, Nami finds that her thoughts on love have also started to change, especially after meeting cameraman Junnosuke Horai (Yuta Tamamori). With a new-found determination now driving her, will Nami have what it takes to make her new-found dreams come true? A delightful tale of chasing big dreams in the big city, “Oh My Boss! Love not included” is a 2021 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Yasuharu Ishii, Kenta Tanaka, and Takeyoshi Yamamoto.