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At twenty-seven, Akiha Okada (Nana Seino) is perfectly content with her life. A successful designer at Morita Design, Akiha literally has her dream job, has a great working relationship with her colleagues, and is just as happy in her personal life as she is her professional one. Having endured a number of bad relationships in the past, Akiha has come to the conclusion that the single life is best, especially when she has so many friends who love and support her. The only problem is that her grandmother is constantly hounding her to get married.  Despite her grandmother’s wishes, Akiha is happiest on her own and is in absolutely no rush to get married. Which is why she has no qualms about rejecting Shu Momose’s (Kentaro Sakaguchi) proposal, when he offers her his hand in marriage. A diligent, reliable man, with a good job and good looks, Shu has a lot to offer a woman, but his sudden proposal to Akiha at a drinking party is nothing short of ridiculous. With his own reasons for wanting to marry, Shu sees Akiha as a means to an end, and sees no reason why he should waste any more time searching for someone else. Despite her initial rejection, Akiha finds herself reconsidering Shu’s proposal when he agrees to pay her five million yen in exchange for her hand. Knowing the money will completely change her grandmother’s life, Akiha finds herself unable to say no.  Now a registered married couple, Akiha and Shu find adjusting to married life is a bit more challenging than either imagined, especially when their initial feelings of indifference slowly begin to morph into something wholly unexpected. Could it be that their fake marriage is actually the path they needed to take to find true love? A fun romantic romp, “ONLY JUST MARRIED” is a 2021 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Fuminori Kaneko and Kentaro Takemura.