Under the Skin

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Once a student at the Academy of Fine Arts, young artist Shen Yi (Tan Jian Ci) had all of the skills required to become a great painter. But when an impromptu commission while sketching on the streets lands Shen Yi in the middle of a police case gone wrong, his entire life gets flipped upside down. Spending the next five years riddled with guilt over the part he unconsciously played in the death of a police officer, Shen Yi hopes he can find a way to make amends. As fate would have it, that chance finally presents itself when the Director of the Public Security Bureau approaches him with a job offer that will allow him to do just that. Taking a job as the Interpol Team’s new portraitist, Shen Yi is ready to do his part to make things right but not everyone is pleased to welcome him to the team. As the long-time friend of the officer killed in the incident involving Shen Yi, Interpol Captain Du Cheng (Jin Shi Jia) is anything but welcoming when Shen Yi joins the team. Laying heavy blame on the artist for the death of his friend, Du Cheng refuses to accept Shen Yi and as such, does everything he can to make his life miserable. Even so, Shen Yi refuses to let Du Cheng’s irritability get in the way of his work. Proving his skill time and time again, Shen Yi gradually begins to convince Du Cheng that he is, in fact, a vital member of the team.  Working together to solve a number of unsolvable cases, Du Cheng and Shen Yi find themselves becoming a formidable force. But will the combined skill of this formidable duo be enough to solve the mystery which still surrounds the death of Du Cheng’s oldest friend? A suspenseful tale from start to finish, “Under the Skin” is a 2022 Chinese crime thriller mystery drama directed by Xing Jian Jun.