She and Her Perfect Husband

She & Her Perfect Husband


As a successful attorney with a thriving career, the last thing on Qin Shi’s (Yang Mi) mind is marriage. Her parents, however, can think of nothing else. Determined to see their daughter married, Qin Shi’s parents have been trying to force her into marriage for ages, but to no avail. Determined to land a position at Cheng and Hui, one of the top law firms in the country, Qin Shi is focused solely on advancing her career. Little does she know that one of the requirements for working at Cheng and Hui is being married. Aware of the law firm’s hiring requirements, Qin Shi changes the marital status on her resume to “married”. With such an impressive resume and her brother’s little tweak, it doesn’t take long for Qin Shi to land the job. However, things get more than a little complicated when her "husband" Yang Hua (Xu Kai) appears on the scene. Hoping to clarify the situation, Qin Shi tries to approach her boss but can't seem to find the right moment. With his parents forcing him into a blind date with Qin Shi’s biggest rival, Yang Hua decides the best way to help them both out of their current predicament is to marry Qin Shi. Acknowledging that the plan is mutually beneficial, the two head straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register their marriage. Though her sudden marriage solves one set of problems, another quickly arises as both Qin Shi and Yang Hua’s parents suspect the two are up to something. Between dodging their parents' questions and Qin Shi’s ex suddenly coming back into her life, this newlywed couple has a lot to deal with. Will their rash decision to marry come back to haunt them or will it eventually lead them toward a brighter future? A delightful tale of finding love in unexpected places, “She & Her Perfect Husband” is a 2022 Chinese romance drama directed by Lin Yan.