Love Forever Young

The Legend of Yan Shan and Bai Hua, Yanshan School and Hundred Flowers Gate
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In an otherworldly realm, the Yan Shan School is a sect of young apprentice warriors who have sworn to protect their people. They are all male, and live their lives according to a strict code of conduct that requires them to be righteous and upstanding at all time. Their number comprises Zhao Xing Mu (Alen Fang), the Yan Shan School’s First Senior Brother, as well as Gu Yu Lang (Feng Ming Chao) the Yan Shan School’s Second Senior Brother. Also at the school is the good-willed but inexperienced Jun Wei Qi (Ma Wen Yuan), a junior brother. The school has a sworn enemy, however – its polar opposite, the Bai Hua School. This school is all-female and is headed by the upstanding First Senior Sister Yue Qing Qiu (Liu Ling Zhi). Flanking her is Yu Ling Long (Flora Dai), the fearless Second Senior Sister of the Bai Hua, and the spirited Li Yi Xin (Su Xiao Tong), the Bai Hua’s most junior sister. This sect also lives by its own strict code of conduct, and similarly trains apprentices to use martial arts to protect the common folk. Traditionally, the two schools keep away from one another. But when circumstances force them to come into closer contact with one another, Cupid begins to play havoc with the schools’ respective rules. Could the pull of romance cause these bitter rivals to put aside their rigid rules...and even spark love? This drama was based on a comic book series of the same name that was serialized from September 18, 2015, to September 30, 2018. “The Legend of Yan Shan and Bai Hua” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Xiao Jiang.