South Wind Knows

South Wind Knows My Mood, The Southern Wind Knows My Feelings
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While botanist Fu Yun Shen (Cheng Yi) is on the hunt for a plant with extraordinary medicinal properties, he meets Zhu Jiu (Zhang Yu Xi), a doctor on a humanitarian mission in a developing country. A misunderstanding means they get off on the wrong foot. But over time, they begin to feel the pull of attraction. When a discovery about the true nature of his assignment and a car crash leaves Fu Yun Shen injured and jaded, he thinks his relationship with Zhu Jiu is doomed… However, fate isn’t done with this pair yet: A year later, Zhu Jiu and Fu Yun Shen meet again, in very different circumstances. They once again feel the tug of romance, and resolve to try to make love work the second time around. But as they rekindle their relationship, Zhu Jiu makes startling – and unsettling – discoveries about the death of her parents. Will these revelations derail romance for the young couple? Or can the power of love conquer all? This drama was based on a novel by Qi Wei. “South Wind Knows” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Leon Li and Liu Hong Yuan.