Sweat and Soap

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Despite her timid nature, Asako Yaeshima (Yuno Ohara) has a passion for her work. A member of the accounting department at Lilia Drop, a toiletry and cosmetics company, Asako absolutely loves the company she works for, as its products are the only ones on the market capable of helping her keep her chronic sweating and rather strong body odor under control. Having been teased mercilessly as a child, Asako has developed quite a complex about her natural odor but her company’s products have given her the confidence she needs to overcome her insecurities. At least until the day she meets Kotaro Natori (Kanta Sato). A product development planner for Lilia Drop, Kotaro has a highly developed sense of smell which he employs daily. While working on the company’s newest product, he encounters a smell unlike any he has ever sniffed before. Following the scent to its origin, Kotaro finds himself face-to-face with Asako. Unable to resist Asako’s unique musk, Kotaro finds himself drawn to the timid accountant. Inspired by her scent, Kotaro asks her to test the company’s newest product and allow him to sniff the results for a week. Unable to find a way to say no, Asako agrees to Kotaro’s unusual request. As the two begin a truly unique working relationship, they begin to realize that they are both so much more than a strong smell and a powerful sniffer. Naturally drawing closer together, will Asako and Kotaro’s working relationship spark a new office romance? Based on the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Kintetsu Yamada, “Sweat and Soap” is a 2022 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Shuhie Shibue.