Don't Call it Mystery

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Totono Kuno (Masaki Suda) is a quiet, intelligent, highly observant, and introverted student with no friends or girlfriend. He enjoys peace and quiet and spends his time at home quietly observing the passage of the seasons and cooking curry. But the tranquillity of his daily existence is shattered one day when – while he is cooking curry – a police detective comes knocking at his door. Totono Kuno is told that one of his classmates has been killed in a nearby park and that he is the only suspect. All of a sudden, he is forced to use all of his natural gifts to discover what really happened in order to prove his innocence. As he listens to the police’s case against him, he begins to mentally gather data that may help him clear his name. Things get more worrying still when a weapon apparently bearing his fingerprints shows up. And as well as the case he is involved in, other crimes are also taking place – with many of them requiring his attention. It looks like Totono Kuno’s formerly peaceful life will have to give way to a much more eventful way of living! “Don’t Call it Mystery” is a 2022 Japanese drama that was directed by Hiroaki Matsuyama, Shunsuke Shinada, Hideyuki Aizawa, and Hiroyuki Abe.