Blue Flame Assault

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Li Xi Cheng (Ren Jia Lun) is a laid-back and somewhat lazy young man who works bringing deliveries of seafood to restaurants on his bicycle – in between hanging out with his friends at the local skatepark. When one day he is delivering goods to a busy eatery, a kitchen fire breaks out, endangering the lives of the owner and the entire kitchen team. Li Xi Cheng shows remarkable quick thinking and athletic prowess to lead the cooks and owner out to a ledge where he lowers them to safety using an improvised pulley system. A reporter captures this escapade on camera and publishes details of his “heroism.” When the local firefighting unit orders Li Xi Cheng’s mother’s restaurant to close due to fire concerns, he heads to the local station to plead with the unit to reopen the eatery. But while he is there, the fire chief recognizes Li Xi Cheng from the news report and asks him to join the force. Eventually, he agrees, mainly to please his mother. But he soon realizes that he has an aptitude for fighting fires – despite initial reservations from Ye Qi Heng, the unit’s deputy captain, who dislikes his brash attitude. He also gets to know Wen Yi Bing (Chen Xiao Yun). But does Li Xi Cheng really have what it takes to become an ace firefighter? “Blue Flame Assault” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Lin Ke.