The Wind Blows from Longxi

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The year is 228 of the Common Era, and China is divided into Three Kingdoms, which find themselves at odds with each other. A seemingly decisive battle has just taken place, with the Shu army clashing with the Wei. But military leaders in the state of Shu believe that the battle’s result was swayed by a campaign of misinformation – with faulty information leading to a critical misjudgment. They believe that this was all masterminded by Chen Gong (Chen Kun), a powerful spy believed to be located somewhere in Wei lands. The Shu leaders respond by dispatching their own spy – the counter-intelligence ace Xun Xu (Bai Yu). But when Xun Xu tracks down Chen Gong, he learns that the mole may in fact be a spy known as the Candle Dragon. Worse still, the Candle Dragon has put plans into place that could help his masters get their hands on the blueprints for a powerful new crossbow. If the enemy captures these designs, its army could be equipped with these powerful weapons, swinging the tide of the war in their favor...once and for all. Xun Xu and Chen Gong have no choice but to join forces. And the spy duo must act quickly, cracking codes, and evading traps at every step – if they are to save their realm from ruin! “The Wind Blows from Longxi” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Lu Yang.