Brilliant Class 8

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Xiang Dong Nan (Cheney Chen) is a top-billing singer-songwriter. His fame is unparalleled, and he has thousands of adoring fans. But he has an arrogant attitude, which has let many in the media world to label him an uncooperative diva. When reports surface, accusing him of plagiarizing a song he wrote, the public turns on him and other factors also enter the equation – finally forcing him from the limelight altogether. His cunning, long-serving personal assistant Lin Sheng (Wang Rui Chang) tells Xiang Dong Nan about an opportunity to take part in a reality TV show whereby he must teach music to a class of young children. Lin Sheng says that doing so will help him win back his fans’ hearts. At first, Xiang Dong Nan is reluctant, but he eventually agrees to take part in the project, teaching class 8 the fundamentals of music. But he begins to develop suspicions that the “reality show” may actually be a fake. While at the school, his path crosses with that of the English teacher Su Qi (Zhang Jia Ning), who does not like his attitude and keeps getting into quarrels with the singer. Meanwhile, Lin Sheng starts to get to know the school’s principal Su Man (Zhang Li). Will Xiang Dong Nan ever truly take to his new role as a teacher? Is the reality TV show real or bogus? And could love bloom in these unusual circumstances? “Brilliant Class 8” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chen An Jun.