The Queen of Attack 2

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After overcoming the obstacles that stood between her and her “happily ever after” with her beloved idol, Jing Qing (Ryan Cheng), Liang Wei Wei (Wang Lu Qian) thought all of her troubles in the world of idol dramas were over. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t the case. Suddenly transported back into the world of a historical drama, Wei Wei finds that though the script this time is different, her fate is still bleak. No longer playing the part of a doomed queen, Wei Wei finds she’s been transported into the role of a powerful empress. Ruling over an enormous empire, Wei Wei would have found this role fairly enjoyable, if not for the fact that everyone hates her. Realizing her character is the villain of the story, Wei Wei once again refuses to accept her miserable fate; especially after discovering that Jing Qing is now a general plotting a rebellion against her. Desperate to win the favor of her people and win back Jing Qing’s heart, Wei Wei once again uses her knowledge of dramas to change her fate. Will this second attempt to change her destiny prove as equally successful as the first or will she come to find that perhaps some changes are actually for the better? A delightful sequel to the 2021 web drama, “The Queen of Attack,” “The Queen of Attack 2” is a 2021 Chinese fantasy romance drama directed by Wu Cheng Feng.